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Paul Evans
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I have 8 yrs of golf industry experience at private clubs in Augusta, Ga. and Jacksonville, Fl. where I have worked with and learned from the best. A student of the game, I pride myself in teaching on why things happen and focus on positive, fun, result driven efforts and try to stay away from a technical, position based golf swing. Everyone has a different body make-up and all swings are different so being flexible in style is a huge advantage. I have taught all levels of player from beginner to advanced and enjoy working with groups or in a one-on-one setting. I have 2 yrs of college golf, numerous tournaments and head to head competition experience and have played all over the world. I have a degree in Golf Course Management and am currently in the process of obtaining my class 'A' PGA certification.

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I am a competitor! I quarterbacked my football teams up to the collegiate level. I have played basketball with NBA Hall of Famer`s and still compete on local courts, though at a much smaller level, to this day. I have played rugby on a national stage and competed overseas and in national championship games. Unfortunately, as we age, the body tells us it`s time to slow down a little and thus my focus has changed to the game of golf. I know what it takes to compete at a high level and have the drive and knowledge to pass that on. I will not just teach you what I have learned over 35+ yrs of competitive sports, I will show you how to apply those experiences and improve your level of play.
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